Saturday 20 December 2014

Chaos Lord

This is the leader of my Nurgle war-band, a Chaos Lord/ Sorcerer. It's based on FW's Gal Vorbak. the model is huge. The same height as a Primarch. 

The only convert done on this model, was a simple arm-switch. I gave him the arms, and scythe from one of the Maggoth Lords. The flies was added the same way as on the Plague Marines. 

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Plague Marines

A couple of years ago I painted a small Death Guard force. But after painting them, I wasn't satisfied with the way the colour turned out. They where too white (they looked a bit like my World Eaters). 

But, a month ago, I dug them out of their box, and looked at them again. Trying to figure out how to fix them. 

I ended up glazing the whole models in Sephirim Sephia, and painting rust on the metallics. Some touch ups here and there, and they ended up looking completely different. I also added some John Blanche inspired shields on their shoulders. And also added a couple of flies, cut from the Maggoth Lord kit. 

Here are my first finished squad of Plague Marines. More will follow.

Thursday 4 December 2014

Finished Spined Beast Of Nurgle

Yesterday I did The finishing touches on my Spined Beast Of Nurgle, based on GW's Maggith Lord. It was the last pice on my small Nurgle Force to enter in the Blog Les Kouzes painting competition; We Are Legion. Witch can be found here:

I will post pictures of the whole warband soon. But until then, here are a couple of pictures of my Nurgle Beastie.

All the parts used for this project comes from the Maggoth Lord kit, except for his chainsaw-killa-kan-thingies I used as its primary claws. The Maggoth-kit was an amazing kit with a lot of spare Nurgle parts that can be used to spice up any Chaos themed army. You will probably recognise a lot of these bits on my future conversions. 


Thursday 27 November 2014

WIP Nurgle Beast

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased one of the new fantasy Maggoth Lords, to convert it into a Spined Chaos Beast of Nurgle. This is what I've done so far. I think that the conversion turned out nice, and the skin-colour is starting to get a nice tone.
More updates will follow.

Saturday 22 November 2014

Inquisitor warband

First I want to share another picture of my Inquisitor Lord on walking throne. Last time, I did the pictures on a black background, but I wasn't quite satisfied with that. The dark background made some of the model's details hard to spot, like the blood dripping from his weapons. 

I've also finished two of my crazy henchmen miniatures. They're inspired by Spyky Rat Pack's Archo Evisirators. You should check them out, they're amazing miniatures. Link: 

Lastly I wanted to show what I'll soon add to my collection of Inquisitor models. A WIP 'angel' model, based on the Warhammer Fantasy Witch Elves, with Dark Eldar whinges and a FW Space Marine Power Sword. I'm really happy with how her green-stuffed hair turned out. 

Sunday 9 November 2014

Fulgrim, Daemon Primarch of the Emperors Children

It has been almost a month since I brought Fulgrim to Golden Daemon at Warhammer Fest. It's about time I posted some pictures of him here.

As I mentioned in Fulgrim's WIP post, he is based on Forge World's Fulgrim model, with whinges from a Dark Eldar Scourge, a tale from a Sepulchral Stalker and lower arms and secondary swords from FW Palatine Blades green-stuffed into place.

The purple armour was mainly done with an airbrush, followed by darker glazes in the recesses. looking at him now, makes me regret not adding a sharp edge highlight on the armour. It look a bit flat. I am however very happy with his face, hair and the rest of the details. I blended purple in with the metal colours on his blades and eagle to blend it in with the rest of the model. His face was also shaded in deep purple colours, especially around the eyes. even though I'm not a 100% happy with the armour, I really like how the model turned out. Fulgrim is one of the best models I've painted in a while.

Even though this last picture is taken from an awkward angle, It really shows the details on the model's whinges and back. Note the small spikes, growing out of his lower back. 

Thank you for looking!

Saturday 8 November 2014

Plague Hulk & Plague Drone

It has been too long since I've posted anything on this blog. After Golden Daemon, I've started a lot of new projects, but haven't taken any pictures on them. I've decided to change that during this weekend. There will be a lot of model-updates soon.

I entered Golden Daemon in 2012, in 40k Monster and Vehicle category which these two Daemon Engines. It' over two years sine I painted these models, so i feel it's about time to post them here.

The skin-tone on both Daemon Engines are painted in the same way, it consists of a lot of green and bone-coloured drybrushing, and a dark green oil-wash on top. This was long before I got my airbrush, so they don't look as good as my Forge World Great Unclean One. I like them a lot non the less. FW's big Nurgle models are all some of my favourite GW models. I hope GW's Maggoth Lords are as fun to paint. 

Sunday 5 October 2014

Golden Demon, Part II

I finished my Inquisitor Lord on three legged walking throne a couple of weeks ago. Finally I got around to take a couple of pictures of it. Following the instructions in the article in last weeks White Dwarf (about how to get good photos), I got a result that I'm very happy with. 

I decided to bring this model to England next weekend as well. It's not the best model I've painted, but it's one of the best conversions I've done, so I feel it has earned a chance in the vehicle category in Golden Demon 2014. 

I tried to give the model a John Blanche feel to it. By using Epedemius' throne, combined with a chaos Hellbrute from Dark Vengeance, I feel that I managed this quite well. The Inquisitor Lords torso and the chair's claw-arm are also from different Chaos Space Marine kits. The legs are scratch built from plastic pipes, and the back made of electronic components. What I'm probably most happy with on the model, is the Inquisitor's green-stuff judge wig, and little judge hammer. He has also got a very tiny moustache painted on his upper lip.  

I've also done quite a lot of painting on Daemon Fulgrim. This is a WIP picture of him so far. 

Thanks for looking. More updates on Fulgrim soon!

Saturday 27 September 2014

Golden Daemon, Part I

In the last couple of days I've worked on my Daemon Fulgrim for Golden Daemon next month. It's only two weeks left, but I hope I will be finished painting him in a standard that I'm happy with before then. the conversion is finished, and I think he looks really cool. His torso, head and main arms, are from the original Forge World Fulgrim. I picked the second set go arms from Forge Worlds Emperors Children Paladin Blades Squad to give him an extra set of swords, matching his main two handed weapon. The feathered wings are from the Dark Eldar Scourges. And the serpents tale is from a Sepulchral Stalker.


Monday 15 September 2014

I'm finished with my display-board for my Tyranid army. It was entered in the Norwegian Armies on Parade and took 1st place this saturday. I'm very happy with both the army and the display-board. Sadly the pictures look a bit fake. When the pictures was taken the sun was down, so they're ether a bit too bright because of the flash, or too dark. 

The last two pictures of the Carnifex storming through a wall, is taken in a different light, so the Tyranid's skin-tone looks a bit green. 

More pictures of individual models and more details will be posted when I collect the display board from the Store. 

Tuesday 9 September 2014


More Nurgle goodness. I'm quite happy with the skin tone on these models. It started out as an experiment, based on the same skin-colour I used on my Inquisitorial Henchmen, with some green and purple glazes added later to give them a more Nurgleish feel.

My deadline on the Tyranid army for Armies on Parade is this saturday, so I will hopefully finish the pice, and post some pictures of the finished project here before bringing it down to Games Workshop Oslo. 

My eBay purchase of bits for my Daemon Fulgrim model, have also arrived. After Armies on Parade, he will be my main project before Golden Daemon.

Saturday 6 September 2014

Inquisitorial Henchmen

I'm working on a small Inquisitor Warband. The first model I want to show you, is my first Henchman. He's based on the Warhammer Fantasy Nurgel Lord, with a lot of parts from other kits. I'm a fan of John Blanche's work. I really like his Inquisitor models, and other models made in the same style. So I want my warband to have the same feel to it. This is a very fun project, and the model was a lot of fun both to convert and paint. I've purchased another Nurgle Lord, to make a similar model. 

Lastly I have converted a Gollum-like creature, to represent a servitor of some kind. Stalking his master on the battlefield.