Tuesday 24 October 2017

Tor Megiddo, part IX, Tech Priest & Robots

Together with my Warband i brought a couple of NPCs for the game: the Abalone Mutant and a Tech-Priest with a couple if robots. 

The Tech-Priest was a quite simple conversion. It's based on a Tech-Priest Dominus with Poxwalker and Tyranid arms. The scythe is from a Death Guard upgrade pack from Forge World, and the head is taken from a Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch. I used very stiff guitar strings as cables. The cables coming out from under his robes are the only thing that touches the base, so if you see the miniature from the right angle it really looks like it's hoovering over the ground. 

I finished the Tech-Priest the day before I left for Helsinki. So I had to paint it really fast. The robes and arms were painted by quickly building up the highlights with a sponge before applying washes in the recesses. The metals were done with drybrushing, heavy washes and extreme edgehighlights. My favourite part of the miniature is the reflection on the scythe blade. This was done by glazing orange, red and brown GW shades over a light silver colour. 

The robots were originally part of my Genestealer Cult project. They were supposed to go with my two larger Babyface-Walkers. I use dark green bases on my Genestealer Cult miniatures. This work really well with the orange and bone colours of my Genestealer Cultists, but not on dark metal robots.  The bright orange desert bases of Tor Megiddo really gave these miniatures a new life!


  1. That's terrific. Now I'm inspired to make a baby-faced tech priest. Did the robots have a function in-game?

    1. Sounds good!
      They didn't really have a function. You could catch them and gain points for collecting old tech, but noe one did. They died in a big explosion :P

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