Friday 21 October 2016


In the last post I showed you my Armies on Parade display. This time I'm going to show you some better pictures of the mutants I displayed there. I've been converting and painting mutants like this for  over a year. Some of the models you'll see here have been shared on this blog before, but they have been rebased to fit the display board. 

All of the mutants with the Mutant Herder in the middle. 

I converted and painted ten new decease infected Mutants a couple of days before the competition. 

My favourites from the new batch. 

Some classic Mutants. Note the little mouths randomly placed on these ones. 

The Mutants last year with repainted bases. 

My favourites from the old batch. 

The Mutant Herder with a new base. You have seen this one before, but it's one of my favourite models, so you'll see it again. 

I also rebased my Slaaneshi Queen and her Brutes. 

Lastly I have the Mutants I made as a replacement for the Schuttlings in Silver Tower. These guys have been cast from the kingdom, and are forced to live underground. They are still more human than the mutants above, but they are slowly headed in the same direction. 


  1. Such horror! True bodyhorror. My favourites are the hunched over small ones, the fact that they will ascend/descend to the same fate as the others make them truly tragic.

  2. If only my local GW let me bring things like these for games!

  3. Stunners the lot. Really like the feel and disturbing nature of these little monsters.

    I think my favourite is the brute with red glove banner pole.

  4. Just brilliant. That Queen is magnificent.

  5. Awesome collection of mutants! Fantastic work on all of them.

  6. Thanks for the kind words guys!

  7. Magnificent vision and execution Wilhelm. Hats off!