Sunday, 26 June 2016

Silver Tower Week day VII: WIP Heroes

Sadly I've shown you all of the finished miniatures from the box, but I have some interesting conversions of some of the Heroes to finish off the Silver Tower Week. 

First I have a very easy conversion of the Stormcast Eternal. I gave the model a new sword, shield and head. Even though I actually like the Stormcast masks a lot, I think its more fitting with a bare head when you make a classic fantasy hero. 

Second is my take on a Necromancer with two skeletons. I based the Necromancer on the skeleton king model, and gave him the original Necromancer staff and a head from Empire Flagellants.

I've also converted the Barbarian from the box. I wanted this one to have a base themed to the Silver Tower setting. So I gave the model a base consisting of a Tzeentch disc, crashing into a room of flying gears.


  1. Haven't commented yet this week but brilliant showing! I've really enjoyed it and I look forward to the remaining miniatures :)

  2. fantastic stuff! I considered giving my stormcast a new sword as well but decided against it because he would be too fragile. yours looks great though!
    The Wight King model is such a nice mini to work with. a bit overlooked which makes him fresh convertionfodder.
    The barbarian is also very nice, unfortunatley he is not that fun to play with in my experience.

    1. Thank you!
      The Wight King is a brilliant conversion, and would probably make some really cool Inquisitor/Rouge Trader conversions for 40k as well. I really need to get another one!

      I think the Barbarian os one of the hardest models to use in the game. But he still makes a good looking model!

  3. Wow, i really like the Stormcast. Looks very characterful and heroic. Cool guy.

  4. Wow, i really like the Stormcast. Looks very characterful and heroic. Cool guy.