Thursday, 1 February 2018

Lesotho 212: the Survivors & the Infected

Last month I visited Warhammer World in Nottingham for a INQ28 game. It was a great game with a LOT of talented hobbyists. I've never seen that many fantastic warbands in one day. Jonathan Hartman (@Shibboleth02 on Instagram) arranged the event, and made the breathtaking terrain. 

I'll leave links to blogs and instagram-accounts on the bottom of the page. I really recommend checking them out!!

I have a lot of photos from the game, but I'm saving them for the battle-report I'll write in the next post. This post will focus on the miniatures I made for the event. 

I mostly used Poxwalkers and resin Servitors to make the Survivors and the Zombies. I wanted to make it look like all the miniatures came from the same research facility. My goal in the game was to get my survivors out of the Lesotho 2-12 labyrinth. I wanted it to look like my gang originally worked at the facility, so I painted them in white and bright orange to match the colours of the terrain. 

The biggest mutant I made was based on a Forge World Plague Ogryn. This was actually the same miniature John Blanche used for making one of his abominations:


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Henry South: @Henrysouth
Isaac Tobin: @Weirdingsway
Jake: @Exprofundis
Jeremy: @Grimpulp
Jonathan: @Shibboleth02
Kristian: @Simonsen.1974
Laurence Blanche: @Thistlemojo
Nigel: @Gyppeswyck
Tim: @Tearsofissvan
Rebecca: @revimakk_minis


  1. I'm a big fan of this set of minis. Clever and competent conversions, and they look just splendid on the board, being painted to match the colours.

  2. Man, your work over the last year was already pretty spectacular, but these have to be some of your finest models yet! I hope you don't mind if I point out how much they remind me of some of Weirdingway's Navigators -- which is probably just about the biggest compliment I can bestown upon a bunch of models.

    Wonderfully evocative conversions with beautiful paintjobs to boot! Oh, and they also work really well with that particular terrain!

    Fantastic stuff! :)

    1. Cheers!

      Weirdingway's navigators were Jonathans colour inspiration for the gaming-board, and I based my colours on the board. So thats definitely correct :)

  3. I really enjoy how you captured civilians in the imperium, as it’s so often we only see militant professions.

    1. Thank you!
      I would love to see more 40k civilians. It's interesting to explore other parts of the universe.

  4. Just throwing this question out as a shot in the dark... So what is INQ28? This is the first time I've heard of it and it looks interesting. But after a few failed google attempts all I can find are old forums from 2013 and a bunch of haphazard miniatures. No rules or anyone saying what it is. Is it an actual game or just a style of painting in Warhammer? The minis look really outstanding though and your painting is top-notch!

    1. INQ28 was originally something based on GW's old Inquisitor 54mm scale game, but turned into 28mm scale (the regular warhammer scale). Over the years this setting has grown, and you can find all sorts of things in the INQ28 setting. Blanchitsu in White Dwarf magazines are a great example.

      People use different rules for the games. In this game we used the original Necromunda rules.

      I would recommend joining the INQ28 group on facebook, or checking out the INQ28 forum on the Ammobunker:

  5. Really nice way to re-purpose Poxwalkers. Might have to borrow their lovely scheme.

    Smashing enemies for the players to have to deal with!