Sunday, 5 February 2017

Black Pox part VII: The first games of Vortapt IV

Vortapt IV

My Nurgle warband is a part of a larger Chaos campaign with three friends, Vortapt IV. Last weekend we played the first games in the campaign.

Tommy, the writer of the blog Bigbossredskullz, has written six great battle reports, one for each game. Head over to his blog to read them!

I'm too lazy to write a battle report. Instead I'll leave you with a lot of pictures from the event. As you may notice there are a lot of new models in his game. These models will get lightbox pictures and their own post sometime next week.

The games was fantastic! It was a great experience to play using Tommy's homemade rules, great models, awesome terrain and dice made from bone!

The Gameboard

In the different games we used a mix of tiles from Rebecca, Mikkel and my gameboard tiles. These first pictures feature my nine tiles and some new terrain (the houses on poles) I made for the game. 

In several games we used a bigger board, made from putting Rebecca and Mikkels Armies on Parade boards together with my tiles.

In the heat of battle

The Oratio
Rebecca's Tzeentch Warband

Blood Pact
Tommy's Khorne Warband

The Black Pox
My Nurgle Warband


  1. you guys are amazing painters and modellers!

    loving the blanche-esque approach from all of you!

    i have a hard time painting within that style, so everytime i see something like this, i am impressed sevenfold.

  2. Really lovely. Where did you get all the deer skulls?

    1. Thanks!
      They're made from Tomb Kings horse skulls with antlers from Nurgle Blightkings and Plaguebearers.

  3. Seriously impressed with the inventiveness of the conversions here. Damn. It's like Silent Hill getting mugged by Blanche :D