Thursday, 11 October 2018

Risi Vortapt, part I, introduction

Hello, hellohello

A few months ago, me and a few friends started a new project. You might remember a similar thing we did a couple of years ago, called Vortapt IV. If not, you can find the blog posts HERE. Vortapt IV was a game of four players, each controlling a warband dedicated to one of the four gods of Chaos. To make it interesting and chaotic, we made a randomiser (in MatLab), to pair a player with a god. Back then I got Nurgle, and made a warband of pestigors, known as the Black Pox.

As the previous game turned out great, and making the warbands were a lot of fun, we decided to do it again. But this time the game will be at a quite different scale, as we decided to try it out for the new Specialist Game by GW; Titanicus.

Again we used the randomiser to determine who would make a Legion dedicated to which god. This time I also got Nurgle (obviously, because I'm the Nurgle daddy).

Tommy aka Bigbossredskullz got Tzeentch, and he has also started working on his Titan Legion. The other players haven't started working on their warbands yet, but don't worry, the rest of the gods are in good hands.

The miniatures for Titanicus is fantastic! They're really detailed, and they actually have more different poses that knights in 40k scale.
I've decided to take my Nurgle theme in an underwater direction. Submarine and ship-wreck parts have already been used on my conversions. I picture huge rusty robots coming out of the water, dragging ships, fishnets and seaweeds in their wake.
I always thought the FW blightdrone is a really cool miniature, even though it looks a bit like a flying shrimp. However in this case, flying shrimp actually fits the theme I'm going for. I sculpted five blightdrones (or similar daemon engines) for the group.

The first three Knights and one of the blightdrones are done. The rest will follow soon!

The rest of the Drones and the Warlord Titan are almost ready for paint:


  1. This is fantastic! I can't believe that the tiny drone isn't an official model. And the ship on top of the titan is awesome. There's something very eerie about abandoned ships. This looks as if it will be terrific.

  2. Cool theme and amazing execution. Great stuff.

  3. Look at that cute tiny drone!

    Love the trio of Knights, especially the skull heads!

  4. Looking great. Funnily enough my current reading material is all about mariners and strange happenings at sea :)

    1. Sounds interesting :D What are you reading?

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