Friday, 7 April 2017

Revisiting The Beast

The Beast is the model I made for the Scandinavian painting competition The Fang in 2015. I have showed you this model before, but the old pictures are really bad. This model is a nightmare to photograph because of the pose and tentacles. But it's one of my favourite models, so it definitely deserved some photos with a better camera. 


  1. What a lovely grotesque model.
    He seems too large for having a 54mm Inquisitor miniature as a base, did you sculpt him yourself?

    Excellent work on his skin, it makes up a large part of the model, you managed to keep it visually interesting.

    1. Cheers! It's based on a plastic Bloodthirster. The head is a Joker statue and some sculpting. Tyranid tentacles.

  2. This is without doubt one of the coolest minis ive ever seen im so ripping this off