Sunday, 26 April 2015

WIP Inquisitorial Warband

It has been a while since my last post. I've been busy converting and painting for MassiveVoodo's painting competition; Bananalicius vol 2. I'll post my entries here after the judging.

I have however started another project, an Inquisitorial Warband. The warband will be one of my entries in the Scandinavian painting competition, The Fang, the 30th of may. The picture quality is quite poor, but you'll get an idea.


  1. Excellent choice of bitz, posing and GS work. I am envious :]

    You certainly capture a very grimdark, almost chaosy feel with those. This is my favourite part of the background, the broken, derelict, hopeless feel of the 40k universe.

    1. Thanks!
      I'm trying to get a John Blanche inspired look on these guys.

      I also need an arco-flagellant looking model for the warband. Not sure how to make it yet, but I'm thinking that it would be cool to use a sicarian ruststalker as a base.

    2. Well, the Blanchian influence is obvious, for sure ;)

      As for the arco-flagellant, that mainly depends on how tall it should be. There are several minis that have a crouched, dynamic pose, like some Undead or Dark Eldar.

    3. Yeah, undead and dark eldar bits work well on grim dark Inquisitorial henchmen. Thanks for the tip!