Saturday, 22 November 2014

Inquisitor warband

First I want to share another picture of my Inquisitor Lord on walking throne. Last time, I did the pictures on a black background, but I wasn't quite satisfied with that. The dark background made some of the model's details hard to spot, like the blood dripping from his weapons. 

I've also finished two of my crazy henchmen miniatures. They're inspired by Spyky Rat Pack's Archo Evisirators. You should check them out, they're amazing miniatures. Link: 

Lastly I wanted to show what I'll soon add to my collection of Inquisitor models. A WIP 'angel' model, based on the Warhammer Fantasy Witch Elves, with Dark Eldar whinges and a FW Space Marine Power Sword. I'm really happy with how her green-stuffed hair turned out. 

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