Wednesday 20 May 2015

Inquisitorial Beast WIP part IV, the Base

I have a quick update for you today. Last night I finished painting the base, and I'm very happy with the resolute. Basing is one of the things I like best, when painting and converting miniatures. Especially new projects. Basing an army, can be a bit boring, since you always use the same colours and techniques. But on a new project, like this one, you can really be creative. 

I didn't really have a plan for this base, before I started working on it. As usual I used cork, to give the base a more interesting look, and to give the model somewhere to stand. I then applied some random bits and pieces. A textured plasticard sheet was glued onto the base, together with some electrical cables to make it look futuristic. Some skulls, a corpse, and a GW pipe finished the job. 
To tie it all together, I applied a thick layer of texture-paint and randomly applied crackle paint and grass. 

The base was painted in dark browns and greens. I then built the colour up to GW's Rakarth flesh by very rough and quick wet blending, blending the colours directly on the base. The skulls and corpse, was painted Rakarth flesh on the raised areas. Lastly I randomly washed the whole base in  nuln oil, agarax earthshade, sepia and camoshade. I applied all the shades at the same time, letting them naturally blend into each other, ending up with this:

I just have a few details left on the model, and the Beast will be finished!


  1. I didn't suspect anyone would actually like basing his minis!
    Great result, though, and very fitting grimdark frame for the big fella.