Thursday 21 May 2015

Great Unclean One WIP

After finishing the Beasts base, I glued it all together. The Beast is starting to look really good. I have however taken a little brake from the model, since i got tired of the detail work.

Earlier today, I bought a couple of Vallejos Air paints, and wanted to try them out. I played around with them, on my second Great Unclean One for a while. And it turned out so good, that I think i just gave myself a last minute entry for the Fang. The axe was done with Forge World weathering powders. I have used it before, but every time i tried to seal the powders, the effect disappeared. This time I used Mig pigment fixer, and it worked perfectly. Two new techniques working perfectly on the same model, is a damn good feeling! Here are the resolute of the model so far.

Forge Worlds Great Unclean One must be one of my favourite models. The details on it is amazing. About a year ago, I painted another of it's kind. This time I wanted to make it different, so I converted it, holding a two handed axe and are planning to paint it in a purple glazed skin-tone instead of green.

You can check out my first GUO here.

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